For five years NewmanPR produced the content for Carnival Cruise Line’s quarterly employee magazine, Seaview. From the latest news across the fleet to Q&As with executives and ship’s officers, the 36-page glossy, four-color magazine celebrated the activities, milestones and achievements of Carnival’s 3,900 shoreside and 33,500 shipboard employees.

Besides covering a multitude of news items, from retirements to promotions and charity events, the NewmanPR team produced a “Health Wise” wellness column, “Fun Facts,” foreign language tips, inspirational quotes and even a “Seek & Find” word-hunt game.

Cracking the Mat Release Code

For clients seeking to extend brand communications into secondary and tertiary markets, the Mat Release is a tried-and-true approach. Also known as a matte release, syndicated content or advertorial, this PR tool meets the needs of the shifting landscape of America’s newspapers and media outlets. A mat release is sponsored content primarily aimed at publishers of community newspapers and free family publications and “penny savers.”

NewmanPR has had excellent results with mat releases by tying the brand to a current trend. We executed one for the Florida Keys account in early 2020, and by August the results were astounding. For an outlay of less than $6,000, the release generated 4,400 articles in all 50 states with a total readership of 6.8 million and online potential impressions of 77.1 million. The print placements had an approximate ad value of over $22,000, for some serious ROI.