The annual “Book of Lists” edition of the South Florida Business Journal was published this week. In the list of 23 South Florida public relations agencies, NewmanPR came in at number 14, up two places from the 2016 edition, when we ranked 16th.

Since the introduction of the annual “Book of Lists” in 2006, when we ranked 19th out of 26, our agency has fluctuated around the middle of the list, as billings fluctuate year to year as business comes and goes. The first year’s list was interesting because there were rankings for 2004 and 2005, though those lists were not published. SFBJ had developed the lists through independent research for its own use.

In 2005 the publication first invited South Florida agencies to submit information to be considered for inclusion. The financial information submitted must be certified and attested by each agency’s outside accountant, so there is a level of accountability and third-party certification to the process.

Though it’s unlikely NewmanPR will ever top the list, and while we always puzzle over the rankings of some competitors as well as scratch our heads over who the previously unknown competitors are, we are always gratified to find ourselves hovering around the middle ground in what is a pretty robust PR market.

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