After patiently waiting for a year, “Orange Is The New Black” fans all over the world are gobbling up the third season in a matter of days. But what makes this show so irresistibly addicting?


As discussed in a previous blog post, there are six key elements of a winning communications campaign: Simple, Unexpected, Concrete, Credible, Emotional and Stories.

This post examines the element of simplicity, how it contributes to the hype surrounding OITNB and how you can use this tactic to create a “sticky” campaign.

The idea behind the show is easy to understand and communicate to others: A woman goes to prison and the show follows her life, both past and present.

Imagine your friend asks you, “Hey! What’s that ‘Orange Is The New Black’ show about?” You can respond, “It follows the story of a woman who is sent to prison, showing the ups and downs of both her past and present.”

The explanation is easy; it’s simple. It’s like “Friends,” “Seinfeld” or “How I Met Your Mother.” While it’s filled with subplots and complex character development, the overarching idea is one simple story.

It only takes one sentence, a matter of seconds, to explain. Quick, simply communicated ideas are more likely to grab audience interest and maintain attention.

When evaluating your product or service, try asking yourself to define it in one short sentence. That one sentence is called the “core” of what you’re trying to sell. It’s the one thing the audience should take away if they remember nothing else.

You’ll find the element of simplicity even more effective if you can make your core unique to your brand. Because while there are many dramatic vampire sagas out there …


There’s only one show about a women’s prison.


A simple idea is made to stick. It’s easily communicated and easily remembered, just like the storyline behind “Orange Is The New Black.”

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